Central air conditioning

Bar Area

Open Layout


Harligen’s favorite barbecue joint built by yours truly

Our team of artisans has poured their passion into every element, resulting in a barbecue mecca that radiates rustic elegance. The sturdy red brick facade hints at the exceptional masonry within, while the open interior layout masterfully balances form and function.


  • Central air conditioning
  • Alarm system
  • Arbor
  • Mature gardening
  • Private Room
  • Bar Area
  • Wood paneling
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • HVAC
  • Open layout

Property Highlights:

Architectural Revitalization

We worked closely with our client to reimagine the architectural identity of Reyna’s Bar-B-Q. The goal was to infuse the building with a distinct character that aligned with the brand’s essence while embracing modern aesthetics.

Comprehensive Planning

The project began with meticulous planning that encompassed every facet of the building’s transformation. From design adjustments to space optimization, every detail was meticulously outlined to ensure a seamless execution.

Innovative Design Elements

Our design team introduced innovative elements that breathed new life into the building. Clean lines, vibrant colors, and a fusion of modern and rustic details were integrated to create a visual identity that captured attention.

Structural Enhancements

To meet both functional and aesthetic goals, we executed structural enhancements that ensured the building’s longevity and safety. This included reinforcement work, roofing improvements, and efficient space utilization.

Custom Craftsmanship

Our skilled craftsmen poured their expertise into every corner of the project. Custom-made fixtures, artisanal finishes, and meticulous joinery work elevated the building’s interior and exterior.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

We embraced sustainability by incorporating energy-efficient solutions into the building’s systems. From lighting choices to insulation enhancements, our focus on sustainability aligned with modern sensibilities.

Collaborative Approach

Throughout the project, open communication and collaboration were paramount. Our client’s vision was at the forefront, and their feedback guided our decisions at every step.

Timely Execution

With a dedicated team and a commitment to timelines, we successfully completed the project within the anticipated 7-month timeframe. Each phase was meticulously executed, ensuring progress without compromise.

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